Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wacky Signs

    As I mentioned on my home blog, I have travelled to 83 different countries over my lifetime. I am now busy digitalising the thousands of slides and photos I took during these adventures, and am therefore taking the opportunity to share with you some of the unusual signs I photographed overseas. This is a work in progress, so feel free to come back every few months to discover what new sign has been added.

India (1980). On Jaipur-Delhi Road

Gruen, Texas, 2011 (pronounced "green")

  They tell it like it is in India. We saw signs like this everywhere.

Halls Creek, Western Australia (1997)

India (1980). Sawal Man Singh II Museum, Jaipur
They tell it like it is in the Kimberleys, too.

Levuka, Fiji (1979)

Papua New Guinea (1983)

PNG (1983). Baiyer River Sanctuary
(Humans and other mammals keep right.)

Illinois (2006)

  ( Above) We were lost when we found this roadstop.

Blake's Café,
McQueeney, Texas (2006)

Bali, 1981

 (Above) Typical of Balinese temples. I have it on good authority that tourists do not always comply.

(Left) Considering the draconian anti-littering laws in Singapore, I doubt if the sign was necessary.

Hamelin Pool, Western Australia 1997

Mataranka, Northern Territory (1997)

Bark Hut Inn, Northern Territory (1997)

Skagway, Alaska (1982)
(Part of oldtime re-enactment for tourists.)

Moose Lodge, Yukon, 1982
At least they're honest about their pumps in Moose Lodge.

San Francisco, 1982

Lutheran church, Meandarra, QLD 2003 (courtesy of my mother-in-law, Mrs Theophila Philippi.