Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Addams Family Hallowe'en Song

   Of course, we all know the Addams Family, that weird and macabre family featured in a television series from 1964 to 1966, and in later films, based on the macabre cartoons of Charles Addams. Needless to say, they would celebrate Hallowe'en in preference to Christmas. Here is a song sung by Morticia Addams in one of the half hour programs.

'Twas Hallowe'en evening and all through the abode
Not a creature was stirring, not even a toad.
Jack-a-lanterns were hung on the gallows with care
To guide sister witch as she flies through the air -
     Drawn by eight beautiful bats.
As she calls out to them:
"Come Flitter, come Flutter, come Flapper and Flier,
Come Chitter, come Chatter, come Vicious Vampire!"