Friday, May 9, 2014

Still More Wacky Signs

Port Louis, Mauritius, 1991
     I'm busy scanning my slides from previous years, and am now up to 1991. I don't know how many weird signs I have recorded, but it seems enough to commence a new post.
     This one, for example, was a shingle on a store in the capital of Mauritius. Perhaps I should have gone inside to find out just what they were selling. Mauritius, in case you didn't know, is far more multi-racial and multi-cultural than nearly any other country, but it does not appear to be politically correct (at least, it wasn't in 1991). We would never get away with such a sign in Australia.

Jimboomba, SE Queensland 2014

St Lucia Park, Mérida, Mexico, 1992

Finland, 1993
↑  This park is set aside in the evenings for young bloods to serenade their señoritas.
At toll post, Puebla, Mexico, 1992
                                                     There is nothing wacky about this sign at all. 
Tankavaara, Finland, 1993
I just put it in to remind you that moose don't live only in America, though in Europe they are called elk.

Aussie World, Sunshine Coast, QLD, 1993

Wangdiphodrang, Bhutan, 1994
Aussie World is a park based on a dinkum Aussie theme.

Wangdiphodrang, Bhutan, 1994
Bhutan is a Himalayan state with a Tibetan culture. This house bears two of the major religious symbols: the garuda, or birdman, and the penis, in this case ejaculating.

Sri Lanka, 1995

Not actually a sign, but a really distinctive brand. Not that the cow would appreciate it, I suppose. (Gary Larsen once draw a cartoon of something like this.)

Meandarra (QLD) Lutheran Church, 2003
courtesy Rev. Leon and Mrs Theophila Philippi (my wife's parents)
Dog toilet, Sjaeland Ferry Terminal, Denmark, 1996
Harare, Zimbabwe, 1998

Royal Natal National Park, South Africa, 1998
Traffic sign not far from Hluhluwe, South Africa, 1998

Can anyone tell me what this means? ->
Cape Province, South Africa, 1998

In a country with many languages and a lot of illiteracy, "Use Low Gear" would not suffice.
Warkworth, New Zealand, 2015
The following designated the public toilets in a shop in the village of Maskinongé, in Quebec Province, Canada.